My vision

 I'm awestruck everyday by the way that children see the world, and I can only imagine what babies dreams about. It is that thought that inspires me for every newborn session as a photographer. "What do their whimsical, sweet and pure thoughts consist of"? I try to capture a little bit of that in each portrait. The calm. The peace. The innocence. The unconditional love. The hope. The imagination. The wonderful moments to be. When you allow the time to have newborn portraits or family portraits taken, you are essentially preserving a memory forever.
I love photographing families. Seeing the interactions and the personalities of my clients, and then seeing those same personalities resonate in their portraits..that's the best feeling. I especially enjoy the times when extended family get together for large family pictures. I think it takes a lot of ambition to get everyone together and I love to be a part of that.
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