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~Yakima Maternity Photography~

Maternity Progression Photography

Maternity Progression Portraits are so much fun! They allow a woman to really see the beauty that her body is later on. Especially since we, as women, cant always see it at the time when we are as big as a house with a watermelon hanging off the front of us. (those were my own personal feeling during my pregnancy. I left out the part where I felt like I needed a Rascal to haul my big butt around by the 9th month. I never went there, but I wanted to.) 
This beautiful Yakima Mom has been with me since I first started shooting newborns. I'm so grateful that she stayed by my side during all the learning curves I feel like I went through along the way. I'm sure there will be more learning curves as I go, but she was one of my first 5 newborn clients!
As we were planning these sessions, we finalized the look that she and her husband wanted. Each time we would meet, I would also have a crazy prop or idea. She was gracious and humble enough to play along. Below you will see both finished progressions. Both showing the stages and seasons she went through, just in different ways. Enjoy!

Garden Gates Photography
Yakima Maternity Progression
Garden Gates Photography
Yakima Themed Photography

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